Fabuluz Flower Fields

Paint your dream flowers on location or at home

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In this 6 hour class, I’ll be offering you a step by step guide in how to create a flower field painting with acrylic paint and defining your flower close-ups with acrylic ink. This is your chance to paint the flower field of your dreams.

This is the perfect time to get inspired by wild flowers like poppies and cornflowers! For this class I took a few days out to find a perfect location. I had something in mind: a perfect flower field with beautiful wild flowers, a quiet place to work and a painterly surrounding.

In my search for inspiration, I found a lot flowers, from walking around in the town to residential areas and even by the roadside. It turns out you don’t need an entire field at all! You don’t have to travel far, if at all! For those of you living with mobility issues, or with no easy acces to a garden or more rural areas, you could browse through your photo library, from which to gather inspiration… there is inspiration to be found in a humble bunch of flowers or a window box.

Make sure to watch my first lesson for free, and the promo video to get an impression of what you can expect!

Price: USD 119

"It was a great pleasure to join in the course 'Landscapes in Lines'. This class was coming at the right moment, as I was figuring out how to translate landscapes into a more abstract form. I found it helpful to see how Luz firstly creates her sketches in nature and later uses them for her paintings. Also her special color palette was inspiring, which stimulated me to try to use different colors too. She showed her work, in many layers and with a lot of texture.

I am continuing my search for abstraction in paintings, to work in lines more and more. The instructions in the lessons are very clear and you can watch them time and time again."

- Nanneke, Student Landscapes in Lines

Your Instructor


Marloes Bloedjes alias Luz is an artist living in The Netherlands, creating colorful, abstract paintings and mixed media artworks. She enjoys long walks in nature. Back home she mixes her impressions with her rich inner world. When these two come together, magical creations are born. In addition to her work as an artist, she teaches adults and children in her studio since 2010.

Since 2018 Luz is developing online classes, together with her partner, photo/videographer Anthony Verolme.

"In my art I feel a deep connection with myself and my inner world. If there were no art, there were no me."

Course Curriculum

  Stage 1: Looking for a location
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Looking back on the process
Available in days
days after you enroll

Do you want to...

  • be inspired by beautiful poppy fields in Beldum?
  • find inspiration in your own area?
  • study your favourite flowers, paint flowers from different angles and work them out with acrylic ink?
  • create more depth and texture in your artwork?
  • paint in a loose, abstract and impressionistic style?
  • create a great composition for the flower field of your dreams?

If the answer of one of these questions is 'Yes', please join me! This class is designed to help you, whether you are a beginner or you have already experience with acrylic paint and acrylic inks.

By the end of the course you will be able to...

  • get inspired by nature and find your favourite flowers
  • create a collection of valuable photos and sketches of your flowers
  • enjoy working with different acrylic ink techniques
  • paint your flowers step by step, from rough to more detailed
  • create art with a loose, impressionistic and playful style
  • bring in more depth in your paintings, by using shadow and light
  • use the wonderful techniques of the roller
  • complete a balanced flower field

What's included?

  • Over 6 hours of video content, containing:
    • Location searches: from amazing flowers within my own home and garden, to my final poppy field location in Belgium.
    • Flower studies: tips on how to study and sketch flowers botanical illustrator-style from different angles, with acrylic inks.
    • Painting sessions: out in the field and back home in my studio: I’ll be showing you step by step how I select flowers, define my colour palette, build a strong composition, place flowers, and finally, work on detailed close-up florals.
    • Close-ups: a detailed guide on how to add acrylic inks in the final stage of the class.
  • A downloadable and printable PDF workbook file with extra tips & tricks on how to build a composition, how to use an image viewer and how to study your flowers. Plus pages with some inspiring images and extra pages for journaling and sketching.
  • An invitation to join our private community Luz Artworks on Facebook where you have contact with fellow artists. This is a great source of inspiration and a chance to share and gain valuable feedback.
  • Unlimited acces to the workshop.

"For me, it was a very valuable class, that inspired me and helped me a lot. I especially learnt to do more with texture and working with different layers. I gained more confidence in creating my own art by seeing how Luz is working. Thanks for your support!"

- Coby, Student Landscapes in Lines

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The class is open on April, 28, 2020. At this time all of the course material will be available for you to view, download and work through.. It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does unlimited access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. What level is the course suitable for? This course is for anyone who has ever wanted to sketch and paint trees. The material is suitable for beginners and more experienced artists.
Do I need all the art supplies?
No, I encourage you to work with what you have and adapt the class to suit your needs. But, I would strongly advice you to buy a wallpaper roller and the acrylic inks for this course. Working with new supplies can be very inspiring!
Do I need high speed internet for the course?
Yes, you will need a good internet connection to view and/or download the video content for this course.
Will there be an online community for this course?
Yes, I will provide details of how to submit a request to join the Luz Artworks Facebook community. There is also a hashtag #luzartworkshops that can be used on Instagram and other social media platforms.

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Love, Luz

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