Gelli printing: playing and still a result

Welcome to the class 'Botanical Gelli Printing'!

In this video I will tell you a bit more about how I discovered Gelli printing and what this course will be about. I will also show you some of my own prints.

A couple of years ago a friend invited me to have an art session in her home studio, together with some other friends. That was my first meeting with Gelli plate printing and I fell in love with that right away. Those days, I was very interested in printing techniques. I also bought a lino press. But after just playing around with the Gelli plate I discovered that I liked that better. With the lino press you have to work very precisely and neat, expecially if you want to work with many colours and layers. I love the playful and spontaneous aspect of the Gelli plate and the results are always surprising me..

However, this can be a danger as well. Many people feel overwhelmed by so many options and can experience it's a bit aimless to just 'play around' and 'go nowhere'.

That's why this course is designed in such a way that you can dive into the playful part as well as the more working to a result part. There are several options to work out your Gelli prints to a cohesive series. Also I'll be sharing a bonus video how to integrate pieces of your 'throw away' prints into an art piece.


Our theme will be botanical elements. But if you're an abstract worker, you could choose your theme yourself or decide what your theme will be on the go, if at all.

Since I was a child, I feel inspired by nature. I was always collecting leaves, flowers and yes, even insects to study them and to draw them. After my holiday, there's always a stone or a shell in my suitcase and my books are filled with dried leaves and flowers.

In this class we're going to use that all! We will even put real treasures of nature on our Gelli plate. So, please collect some things you find in your garden or go to the florist and find yourself some wonderful specimen to print. Please share what you've put on the Gelli plate!

In this course, we'll be creating a botanical stencil ourselves, too, which can be lots of fun and makes your art pieces very unique and personal.

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