The need for 'Colour Fields'

Thank you for enrolling in this class and welcome! In this video I'll be telling you a bit more about the class, what your'll be learning and finally I will show you some of my own paintings that I've created in this particular style.

Since we launched our class Pattern Playing, I felt the deep need for abstract painting… as well for myself as for my students. Recently. I was working on some pieces and I discovered I really wanted to do something with blocks or areas again.  

One of my first experiences with this kind of paintings was in 2014. My first piece in style was ‘Blue’. It felt so good to work this way that I created a couple of those. My favourite colours were blue and brown. 

This time my colour palette is much lighter… and the last few weeks I made a few paintings in the colours green, yellow, grey and brown. I call them ‘Block paintings’ or ‘Door and window’ paintings… thinking about a name for this course I thought about ‘Out of the Blocks’… but that sounded a bit negative in my opinion, so I called it 'Beyond Colour Fields, a bit based on the biggest inspirator for this theme… Marc Rothko,

What you learn in this class

In this course you learn a lot about how to create an abstract painting. To find your style it's very important to figure out what you love: use the colours you love and experience different compositions. We also talk about loosening up, creating vague parts that overlap and to flow into another, how to bring balance in your painting .. and so much more. Maybe the most important thing is to listen to yourself: “What feels good for this painting?” 

Also an important part of the class is about exploring some amazing printing techniques. This is a bit of a continuation of Pattern Playing. That mixed media class was pretty abstract. Instead of gluing your patterned papers on your canvas, you work directly on the subtract. Now we will go deeper into abstract painting and we’ll take a dive into some wonderful printing techniques that work as patterns as well as an enrichment for texture. 

For this class you don’t need to buy much materials, it’s build in such a way that you can gather some things you find in and around your home, like utensils, home decorations or even food ;). 

The paintings in this video

Most of the painting that are shown in this video can be found on my website. If you are interested in one of my pieces, please send me a private message!

Facebook community and other classes

Don’t forget to share your results in our private Facebook community or in the comments below of each lesson! If you're not a member yet, please go to Facebook and send me a request. Of course, you can also add comments below each lesson here. If you share your results on Instagram, please use the hashtag #beyondcolourfields or #beyondcolorfields.

Earlier I released the mixed media classes ‘Pattern Playing', 'Fantasy flowers' and 'Mixed Media Angels'. In 'Pattern Playing' we started making an abstract work, adding our self-made patterns into our painting. In 'Fantasy Flowers' we created our own flower scene using mixed-media techniques. In the third workshop we worked with the magical subject of fairies and angels.

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