Welcome to the class!

Welcome to the class Fabolous Flower Fields! In this video - taken in Achel, Belgium - I’m going to tell you about my passion for flowers and why I wanted to create a class about flower fields. I’m also going to be showing you some paintings which were the inspiration behind this idea. 

How this class is designed

The class is split into several parts. After the introduction, I'll be showing you which art supplies you need. After that, there will be three sections: 

  1. Searching for locations: In this part we will be travelling out to find some flowers. Your location may be further afield, whilst you’re on holiday or visiting somewhere for example, but you may also find locations closer to home. You just need a square metre of flowers to work with. You don’t need a whole field like the one we used on our trip to Belgium. It’s up to you. By the end of this section you will have made a decision about which flowers and colours you want to use, which surroundings are most painterly and, of course, which location lends itself to your idea the best. You will also have decided where exactly you will be working. You can use photos, but I recommend that you use only your own, as they remain personal to you. 
  2. Making flower studies: In this next section, we are going to be painting simple flower studies. I have chosen here to draw a poppy and a cornflower, step by step, and from different angles. I’m working with acrylic ink. You could also work in watercolour for these but bear in mind that, during the last phase of the painting, we will be using acrylic ink, as watercolour and acrylic paint don’t go very well together.
  3. Painting in the field: In this part you’ll be working step by step on your canvas, creating more and more detail and definition as you progress: 
  • Building up a composition with the image viewer
  • developing a first layer with the roller 
  • focusing on the background, like the sky, trees, etc. 
  • building up layers of texture in the foreground Detailed flowers: 

4. In this final stage you’re working on your close-up flowers in the foreground of your painting with the acrylic ink.

Print your workbook

Don’t forget to use the workbook ‘Fabuluz Flower Fields’, alongside the video classes. You could print it as a whole, or print each section as and when you need it. You can download your workbook in the 3rd lesson.

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