Painting Courses

In my art classes I encourage you to follow your heart and do what you love. It’s about the process of creating rather than the outcome. I bet you’ll be painting with surprising results!

Learn to paint from the comfort of your home!

Painting is a wonderful way to express yourself, especially in hard times. It could help you to bring more balance in your life, overcome issues, get outside your mind and meet some new parts of your soul. Oh, and did I say that painting is big fun? Sometimes it is the time to turn inside and see what’s there for you. For me, it’s a surprise every time! Do you want to unravel your artistic secrets? Then join one of my painting courses!

Online painting classes, how does it work?

Most classes contain around 3 hours of HD video content, some even up to over 6 hours. In the longer courses we take you to beautiful places in Europe to gather inspiration and work on location!

In each class I’ll show you the creative process step by step, from start to finish. The video lessons are easily accessible on our school’s website with a friendly interface. You have unlimited acces to the class and the ability to watch the course at your own pace, when and where you want, as often as you wish! So no rush to finish it, because we remember your progress and you can easily start where you had left off.

What device do I need to follow your painting classes?

My courses can be followed with any internet browser on your personal computer (Mac and PC) and portable devices, like your smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android). You should have a good internet connection. If you can watch video’s on YouTube, Vimeo or other social media then you’re good to go! The classes can also be downloaded for offline viewing with the Teachable app (only for smartphones and tablets).

Does the painting class come with a workbook?

Yes! Each class comes with an extensive PDF-workbook including inspiring exercises, images and background information.

When I’m a student in your painting class, will I get personal attention from you?

Absolutely! You can ask me questions and will receive feedback from me and other students via the comments within the classes. You can join our private Facebook group (students only!) where you can post your results, get feedback and tips from other students and of course myself. I also offer special rates to my art students for personal coaching sessions. Send an email to [email protected] for more information.

What kind of painting courses do you give?

You’ll find my courses in three categories: Mixed Media Painting Classes, Abstract Painting Classes and Painting Classes on Location.